Zim 2M Agreement

Such “slot-sharing agreements” are widely used and form the basis of global maritime alliances as they help strengthen the network and scale of carriers without investing in additional capital. As part of an agreement that will increase the capacity of the Trans-Pacific Chains (TP), TP8 and TP9, by approximately 500 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs). The TP8 service will be operated by four Zim vessels and three 2M vessels, while the TP9 will have only 2 rotating M vessels. Two other routes between Asia and the Mediterranean are included in the agreement, but no further capacity increases are expected on these routes. The vessel sharing agreement is subject to regulatory approval, but is expected to begin in March 2019. The latest agreement is the second cooperation agreement announced by container shipping companies, following the agreement to share the capacity of ships on routes from Asia to the east coast of North America, signed in July 2018. The 2M alliance and Zim will extend their cooperation to services from Asia to the west coast of the United States and the Mediterranean, which the Israeli airline called a “game-changing deal.” The new agreement includes two new channels, ZGC – ZIM US Gulf Central China Xpress and ZGX – ZIM US Gulf South China Xpress. Eli Glickman, President and CEO of Zim, said that under the new agreement with 2M, Zim will operate four vessels and the three 2M vessels on the TP9/Maple loop to Seattle and Vancouver, taking slots on the TP8/Orient channel to Prince Rupert, as well as access to slots on MSC`s Maersk and Asia-Mediterranean services. “We are very proud to work with the two biggest players in the industry and expand our collaboration with the 2M Alliance.

The new strategic agreement means faster and more efficient service with better geographical coverage and extended direct stopovers for the benefit of our customers, in line with our vision to provide first-class service. We will significantly enhance our ability to offer the “best of both worlds”: high-level line coverage combined with our exceptional customer service and personal touch. The agreement is a game changer and I am confident it will support ZIM`s growth and profitability. A Maersk spokesman told FreightWaves: “There are currently no plans for further cooperation between the parties. what I can say is that the TP8/TP9 capacity is increased by about 500 TEUs on average to accommodate ZIM volumes. There is no change in capacity in AE12 and AE15 [the two services from Asia to Europe included in the ship sharing agreement]. In order for the deal with the South Korean airline to be approved by the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), Maersk and MSC had to agree that 2M cargo would only be loaded onto HMM vessels “with the express consent of customers.” .


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