Walking In Agreement With God

The fact that Noah walked with God is mentioned directly after we were told that Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. (Genesis 6:8-9) In other words, God would spare Noah in His coming judgment of the world of the flood. Walking with God requires that we show the same qualities to God as to any earthly friendship we value: agreement, faithfulness, and priority. We cannot walk with God if we do not appreciate the time we have with Him. People in close relationships like to spend as much time as possible together. Walking with God is no different. Spending time in communion with Him must be our top priority. I have quoted this verse many times when I have preached, especially when I have spoken about separation issues. How is it that today`s so-called Christian feels so comfortable walking alongside the people of the world who do not know Christ? There must be a consensus for there to be a community. Now I can run with anyone for a short distance. I will sometimes have to work with people who are not Christians; and I hope that for a while I will go with a lost man and try to convince him to trust Christ. Jesus went and sometimes tied with lost people to reach them. But I don`t think this verse is about random, intentional, or limited contact with the lost world around us.

It is a real community. God cannot communicate with people who have left Him; nor should we feel comfortable running with people who are not in communion with Him. Do you think side by side with God, do you agree with Him? ______ whether in word, deed, or thought, but if God`s Spirit brings our sins into our thoughts, we must immediately turn away and turn away from sin. By going straight, before God brings an agreement, the individual agrees with God`s word to live according to them. Walking in accordance with god`s Word will also bring blessings (if you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land – Isaiah 1:19). For God`s Word to be effective in our lives, we must agree with Him by submitting to Him and believing Him.