Surrey Iaff Collective Agreement

(v) At the request of a firefighter and upon obtaining medical proof of pregnancy, the fire chief shall transfer the firefighter to another position within the fire brigade or, by mutual agreement with the association, outside the fire brigade. The worker must perform the tasks that may be assigned during pregnancy and receives her regular salary during the work and in the performance of these tasks. D. Pregnant workers may also apply for leave without incapacity for work for the duration of the disability, as provided for in Section 5 of this Article. (ii) the pregnant firefighter shall be placed in the fire brigade service for other tasks which may consist of work in one or a combination of the following areas: (i) A female firefighter who finds that she is pregnant must immediately inform the fire brigade administration in writing and shall be immediately relieved of her law enforcement duties. 2.01.04. Maternity leave must be requested in writing as soon as possible and no later than six (6) weeks before the start. The employee must present the city with a medical certificate with the expected delivery date. This leave begins at any time up to twelve (12) weeks before the scheduled delivery date. If the city considers that the worker is unable to perform the duties of her position or an alternative position for which she is qualified and that there is no valid health disability due to pregnancy, the worker is obliged to immediately begin maternity leave. A worker who is a member of the city`s disability plans and who, at the end of the maximum period during which SUB PLAN benefits may be available, receives a maternity complication related to the valid part of her pregnancy, is entitled to the balance of disability benefits paid at the applicable level. e) If an employee`s pregnancy would jeopardize the performance of the employee`s duties to a reasonable level, the fire chief may require the employee to take a maximum of thirteen (13) weeks of leave prior to the estimated date of birth.

The responsibility for determining that the pregnancy would likely affect the obligations rests with the Fire Chief. The fire chief and the union will work together to house alternative work. Services often set the conditions for maternity/paternity leave as part of their sick leave guidelines. More progressive services outline service changes for employees who become pregnant. Below are some examples of such a contractual language. Upon termination of pregnancy and/or termination of pregnancy, the bargaining unit member may request to remain on a safe assignment (or to be assigned if not previously on safe duty). The application is accepted if the application is accompanied by a medical certificate attesting that the member is not advised to return to unsafe service or if the member is not physically able to pass an examination necessary to return to service. In all other cases, the application is accepted at the discretion of the Fire Chief. The total duration that a member of the bargaining unit may assign to a safe service may not exceed one year. During the two-week EI waiting, Strathcona County will charge the salary at 95% of the member`s regular income. Proof that a member is receiving EI benefits is required to provide the supplement. A medical certificate attesting to the child`s date of birth and the duration of the leave that the doctor indicates as having a connection with health must be submitted to the emergency services.

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