Rra Agreement

ICANN confirms receipt of the submission by the portal. As soon as the registry operator has received confirmation from ICANN, the registry operator may send the registry registration agreement for the amended registry to its registrar. When the Registry Registry Registration Agreement is included in the Registration Agreement, ICANN will publish the updated version on the Registration Agreement site. We also have a claims procedure for registrants that they can use if they wish to complain about a registrar, or that a member or registrar can use if they want to draw our attention to another registrar contrary to the registrar`s agreement. The PFI will return the funds to the RRA and this amount will be cancelled from the IBRD loan. *ICANN Temporary Specification Model Registry-Registrar Agreement Amendment Terms (PDF): Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish ICANN has developed the following procedure for reviewing proposed changes to gTLD Registry Registration Agreements (RRAs) for which the Registry must obtain approval of such changes by ICANN. The purpose of this process is to ensure that registrial entries (and, where applicable, public entries) are ensured before ICANN authorizes changes to an RRA. ICANN Procedure for Registry-Registrar Agreement Amendments (only used with temporary specifications for gTLD registration data) RRA Amendment Cover Note for Temporary Specification modifications [PDF, 34 KB] The registry must submit the cover note and the CLEAN and REDLINE versions of the Registrar agreement through the Naming Services portal by creating a new Registry-Registrar Agreement Amendment Case. For loggers that operate more than one (1) gTLD, the registry operator must indicate the TLDs to which the amended registry registry registration agreement applies. This provision may be provided as part of the cover note, as an annex to the cover note or as an appendix to the registry registration agreement.

The ÖstP-EU study on roaming is a new topic in the area of telecommunications rules of the EU4Digital Facility. One of the underlying assumptions for further assessment of the feasibility of a common European roaming area between EU countries is the signing of the Regional Roaming Agreement (RRA) between public sector countries, which is also supported by the EU4Digital team. The RRA signing ceremony is expected to take place in late 2020 or early 2021. If the common roaming area proves feasible, the ÖstP-EU study will aim to propose the most appropriate legal, economic and technical option for implementation. The EU4Digital Facility commissioned a feasibility study on the establishment of a common international roaming area between eastern partner countries and EU Member States, building on the expected signing of the Regional Roaming Agreement (RRA) between eastern partner countries, which is also supported by the EU4Digital team. NOTE: For any other registry registration agreement or modification that is not substantially similar to the approved form, the Registry Registry must follow the existing Registration Agreement (RRA) amendment Procedure and obtain permission from ICANN. Changes to the registry registry containing the approved temporary specification for gTLD record data can be found on this page. .

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