Climate Change Coalition Common Interest Agreement

Last month, a committee of the U.S. House of Representatives issued subpoenas to the attorneys general of New York and Massachusetts for verifying whether Exxon had deceived investors about the risks of climate change. The two state officials said they refused to respond to the summonses, one calling them “unconstitutional and unjustified” interference. The Climate Chain Coalition collaborates with leading organizations to promote blockchain and digital solutions to improve climate action. Since the coalition was created in 2017, we have been working closely with the UNFCCC (co-chair) and the World Bank Group. In January 2020, the coalition helped establish it and is co-chair of the Hyperledger Climate Action and Accounting Special Interest Group as well as the INATBA Climate Action Working Group. In July 2020, the Sustainability Business Working Group coalition joined the InterWork Alliance to help develop climate protection standards. After numerous submissions under the laws of the sun, a copy of the agreement was obtained by the Energy & Environment Legal Institute, a free market think tank. The Competitive Enterprise Institute, whose website says it opposes the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions by the US Environmental Protection Agency, had also requested the documents. The Climate Chain Coalition (CCC) is an open global initiative to support cooperation between members and stakeholders to develop blockchain (distributed ledger technology) and related digital solutions (e.g.B. IoT, big data) to mobilise climate finance and improve MRVs (measurement, reporting and verification) in order to increase climate change measures for reduction and adaptation. It also reflects on “studies on presentations made by companies to investors, consumers and the public on fossil fuels, renewable energy and climate change”. The signed deal has not yet been made public and Reuters verified a copy on Thursday. WASHINGTON — Nearly two dozen Democratic-led states in conflict with the Trump administration over climate policy joined forces last year to study how courts can guarantee the use of federal warrants for greenhouse gas emissions, according to recordings and interviews. Attorneys General have received, as has already been reported, advice from known environmental scientists and lawyers prior to the Exxon probe announcement. The foundation laid by the coalition of democratically led states could also come into play if Biden were not to advance his platform of slowing climate change. The Climate Chain Coalition is an open, multi-stakeholder community with members of the organization from around the world. The new members of the organization are cordially invited to join us and contribute to the transition to a climate-resilient economy, in line with the Paris Agreement. People interested in learning more and engaging CCC members can join our LinkedIn group To impose action on climate change, attorneys general said in March that they would examine together whether Exxon executives had misled public opinion by opposing the search for scientists from companies that posed the threats of global warming. In addition to Exxon, the agreement states that other companies could be targeted if states felt they were delaying climate change measures.

Exxon, which said it has recognized the reality of climate change for years, deemed the subpoenas resulting from the investigation inappropriate. He also said he was being wrongly targeted by climate activists.


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