Agreement To Assign Windfalls To Charity

This is the agreement that all members of the company who join after 31 March 2000 are required to use all future benefits for charitable purposes when the transfer of the company`s activities to a bank or other enterprise is announced within five years of the opening of its account. We chose the famous charity Aid Foundation as our charity to take advantage of possible strokes of luck. We ask all customers who open a savings account to sign a declaration in which they agree to transfer to the Charities Aid Foundation (i.e. unsubscribe) all windfall conversion benefits to which they may be entitled. This convention is called a “mission of public utility” and covers the first five years of membership. After five years, the non-profit transfer declaration no longer applies and members would retain all conversion benefits in the event of wind. The company found that service to existing members had been temporarily disrupted by the actions of speculators. To avoid such disruption, all new members must agree to transfer to charity all transformation services to which they may be entitled in the future. A person who is the beneficiary of the estate of a deceased or a trust comprising a Post Scheme account is bound by the agreement when the deceased`s share account/trust is transferred to his or her name or when a new share account is opened by immediate transfer of the deceased`s share account/trust, but the start of the transfer period is postponed to the date of opening of the Post Scheme account.

This agreement means that a client who opens a new member account without further notification: From the effective date, he agrees to transfer to the non-profit foundation any benefits he could obtain if a transformation took place at any time during the five years from the date of opening the account. We assume that these agreements will remain in effect indefinitely, although the company has the power to terminate the system when it decides it is in the best interests of society. In this case, customers who have already signed a declaration would remain bound to it, but new customers would not be affected. You understand that this Agreement is irrevocable and cannot be modified or modified without the agreement of the Company and the Foundation and that neither the Company nor the Foundation will exempt you from this Agreement. . . .


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