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In particular, none of the major changes to the draft practice notice will address concerns about the misuse of VPAs. The draft practice notice provides examples of “potential adverse outcomes,” including planning authorities who request inappropriate benefits or mistakenly rely on their legal position for inappropriate benefits, but does not provide new guidelines on how to avoid these outcomes. A planning agreement for a portion of the land should fully describe the party concerned by reference to a registered plan, a plan attached to trade or any other registered trade. Taking into account the SVPA, information has been made public, but has yet to be finalized by the Minister of Planning and Public Spaces (as the responsible authority on urbanization) and by the developer. Although the governance project applies only to boards, the draft practice notice contains guidelines for “planning authorities” in general, including the Minister of Planning and other agencies such as Transport for NSW. We therefore expect that the draft practice notice, if adopted, will be followed in the future by the Department of Planning, Industry and the Environment when negotiating the VPA on behalf of the Minister. The VPA is one of the latest generation planning reforms, more innovative but more controversial, but also, arguably, among the most successful, if the “recovery” by interest groups is the measure of success. VPAs have become an important planning tool for planning authorities to obtain development funding for the infrastructure, facilities and public services needed to support new development in urban and regional growth areas and established urban areas and to obtain, where appropriate, valuable additional benefits for the Community. Note: Practical advice on planning agreements should be read in conjunction with other practical references to infrastructure contributions. (E) The applicant`s full name must be indicated. The applicant may be the planning authority or the registered owner of the land. The planning agreement attached to the agreement must be signed by all parties to the agreement (see Article 25C, paragraph 1, of the 2000 Environmental Planning and Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation).

A Voluntary Planning Agreement (PA) in NSW is an agreement reached by a planning authority (such as the Ministry of Planning and Environment) and a developer. In accordance with the agreement, a developer undertakes to provide or finance municipal infrastructure as a contribution to the building permit.


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