Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement (Standard Form 312) Briefing Booklet

(A) any disclosure by an employee or applicant of information that the worker or applicant reasonably considers to be evidence — anyone who must have their authorization given to another agency must complete a “DOI IBC Cleaification Verification Form.” ALL fields are required and this form must be submitted 2-3 business days in advance. PSB cannot transmit information about DOD`s JPAS system, the advertiser must provide a fax or email address for the security office that receives. Fourth, SF 312 contains specific references to classified or unmarked information and information that is being classified. These references were introduced in SF 189 through a regulation. Section 1924. Unauthorized removal and retention of classified information or documents (b) All staff in management services and independent agencies or offices who have not yet signed SF 189 must sign SF 312 before accessing classified information. A staff member who has previously signed SF 189 may, according to his own selection, replace an SF 312 signed by SF 189. In these cases, agencies take all reasonable steps to cede the replaced confidentiality agreement or to indicate that it has been replaced. (6) The term “informant” refers to any person who, in the context of a confidential relationship, provides an intelligence service with information that protects that person`s identity from disclosure.

All clearance holders must check the documents below and sign an SF-312 before receiving a security clearance. Once you have checked the SF-312 Classified Information Nondisclosure Briefing, Briefing Booklet and Supplemental Security Briefing Material Handout (all linked below). Check and sign SF-312 (c.2013). SF-312 is a legally binding document between the signatory and the U.S. government, which defines the compensation holder`s obligations to protect classified information and to refrain from unauthorized use or disclosure. Answer: Executive Order 12958 of April 17, 1995 provides that a person can have access to classified information, provided that he meets three requirements, one of which has signed an approved confidentiality agreement. National Security Directive 84 of 11 March 1983 also stipulates that “all persons with authorized access to classified information are required to sign a confidentiality agreement as a condition of access.” Therefore, anyone authorized to access classified information at the time of release or anyone who has been previously disclosed and still needs access to classified information must sign SF 312, unless they have previously taken one or more of the following steps: In accordance with Executive Order 12968, clearance holders must meet the reporting obligations.


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